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Time to obtain 60% off rs 3 gold without confirmation from RSorder as you Thanksgiving gift 11.24

  • Province: Songkhla
  • Country: Thailand
  • Listed: November 9, 2016 2:41 am
  • Expires: This ad has expired


As a person who bought the VIP rs gold last year ( and told everyone to get it this year because I made it look very appealing to them) I feel the package is lack luster all around. As a company the main thing your trying to do with this package is to buy rs gold and get players to invest a nice sum of money and lock them in for an entire year. To do this you would want to entice the player with something they would want such as what you had last year. You had a reduced yearly membership cost at 86$ ontop of two sets of cosmetics, 2 pets, and an aura that … Honestly was pretty damn good. This pack lacks all of those things. You have a pack here with rates higher than just a plain year of membership, an aura that is not all that good, a pretty bad looking armor set, some emotes that just don’t fit in the new game, and some new swords that just don’t really stand out. As a player buying this package what the real cost is is that you lose your ability to stop supporting Jagex if you think their content isn’t going to be good. If you don’t have anything worth off setting the con of losing your freedom of choice ontop of 100+ dollars then what does this pack really have?

Part I:Two round of 60% off 7400M RS 3 gold and 1430M RS 07 gold will be offered to all old and new customers at 03:00 a.m. GMT on Nov. 24, 2016!

Edit: I do hope Jagex seriously takes these complaints to heart when making the package next year. It felt bad that I had to pull my VIP support after advocating for it to so many other people, but I couldn’t bring myself ( or let other people) buy into a package that literally is not worth the price tag.

Purely speaking of business, such a price hike is a bold move. If more than a quarter of last year’s rs gold premier club membership subscriptions are lost (i.e. are not repeated), then you’ll know that this price hike was a bad idea, even with the increased bundle trying to justify the price hike. Why 25%? Because that’s how much the price hike was, and because of first-year economics detailing the theory of elasticity of demand and how it ties into total revenue. If more than a quarter of last year’s gold subscribers don’t repeat their premier club rs gold subscription this year, we get unhappy (if not already) subscribers/players, and an unhappy Jagex IRL cash stack – relatively speaking, of course, comparing it to an alternate universe where a price hike didn’t happen.

Speaking of bundling, there are times when it works as a strategy to rake in more cash for a business, and when it does the opposite. Without looking like an econ professor, basically, bundling works the best for business when we have a relative diversity of preferences, to put negatively-correlated demand into everyday language. Or I could explain it this way. We need a significant group of players who like all the benefits, but prefer benefit A over B. We also need a significant group of players who like all the benefits, but prefer benefit B over A. But seeing as how there’s quite a bit of backlash over the price hike, people tend to devalue the new benefits that came with the package this year. If people are unhappy with the price hike, and couldn’t care less about the new benefits such as the monthly draw and pre-paid card promo items, you’ll lack that relative diversity in preferences, which is an important part of the conditions that make bundling a working business strategy.

If I had any influence over the decisions at Jagex, I would have kept rs gold the way it was last year, with same or a minor price hike. The monthly draw, pre-paid card promo items, and perhaps more – those would go into the newly formed, experimental platinum package. The runescape gold package – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Even if the number of runescape gold prem buyers this year exceeds 75% of last year’s, it still negatively affects the image of the company, if not already.

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Part I:Two round of 60% off 7400M RS 3 gold and 1430M RS 07 gold will be offered to all old and new customers at 03:00 a.m. GMT on Nov. 24, 2016!


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Ad Reference ID: 82658228bd281217

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